Winning Crosswalk Designs

GSNC’s COOL WALKINGS is pleased to announce the three winning crosswalk designs that will be installed on Sunday morning, October 18 at intersections of Glenwood Avenue at Tucker, North and Jones Streets. The following designs are expected to receive final approval from City of Raleigh Arts Commission on August 12.


Gensler Team: Ana Grzeck and Lindsey Barker


Martha Thorn


Amanda Snavely



Partnership with Downtown Raleigh Alliance

The GSNC thanks its partner, the DRA for stepping in to shoulder the legal requirements associated with permitting and insurance that are required for public art on city property.  This represents a significant breakthrough for all districts seeking to do similar projects through the efforts of neighborhood collaboratives.

“From the beginning,” Donna Belt, co-leader of the project points out, “this crosswalk art was seen as a test case for how Raleigh could facilitate citizen-initiated public art on city streets.  Having the DRA step forward breaks down many of the stumbling blocks we ran into, trying to navigate our way through a city contract not user-friendly for a loose coalition of residents and businesses simply wanting to make a difference in their neighborhood.”  Belt sees the DRA’s involvement as key in allowing resident-driven urban art to flourish, a factor cited by many as one of the prime appeals of downtown life.

Mark Your Calendars to Volunteer on October 18

The four winning artists will be working with approximately 40 neighborhood volunteers to install the crosswalk designs on Sunday morning, October 18 from 8AM to 2PM.  Help will be needed for power washing the streets, marking and painting the designs, hospitality, safety and clean up.  A sign up sheet will be circulated at the upcoming neighborhood meeting, or you can contact to be added to the volunteer list.

Thank you!

Thank you to the artists, the DRA, the City of Raleigh Arts Commission and all those who contributed their time and money to get us to this point.  These crosswalks will be a long term statement about what is possible through the creativity, generosity and good will of community coming together.

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