Slide the City


A crowd estimated at 7,000 people joined the Glenwood South Slide the City party on Saturday, May 30th.  It was a fun day for people of all ages.   Sliders reported to ABC11 that they enjoyed “being a kid” for the day, while others came down to watch people hurling themselves down the 3-block slide on the main street of Glenwood South.

“Part of the fun was watching people bounce off each other.”

City Council John Odom was one of the first sliders along with councilor Bonner Gaylor.  Councilor Odom said it well.

“I think it’s great for Glenwood Avenue and Glenwood South, and Raleigh as a whole. So I look forward to it coming back again next year”.

It was just the kind of day that the neighbohood hoped for, and merchants were generally well prepared to service the crowds that packed the restaurants.

The event producer Brad Behle was also thrilled, telling the GSNC that they definitely plan to bring the event back next year.  The one change he’d make would be shifting the slide’s location north a little more to take better advantage of the slope of the street to allow for a faster start, and also helping to slow riders down at the end.

Here’s a sampling of what the media had to say: