Glenwood South Social Network

Glenwood South has a private network set up exclusively for Glenwood South neighborhood residents and merchants, as verified by address.

Use the network to share information, ask for help from a neighbor, or “get the word on the street” about neighborhood events and new business openings.

Neighborhood merchants may use the network to promote their special offerings and events to Glenwood South residents ONLY. Other nearby Nextdoor neighborhoods are mainly residential and do not allow any unsolicited commercial posts.

Click here for instructions on how neighborhood merchants and residents wishing to participate as a business can ensure their posts are seen by Glenwood Souths residents only. Please note that failure to do this will result in the removal of your posts.

The Raleigh Police Department also utilizes the network to facilitate a virtual neighborhood watch.

It’s quick and easy to register,  go to and enter your name and address.  Once your address is verified, you’re in!

Tips on using the service members should periodically review your settings (right side of toolbar under your name), to control what messages are received.

  • Deselect “From nearby neighborhoods” if you only want email related to Glenwood South.
  • Select only the types of messages you want to receive, e.g. events, new member announcements, replies, classifieds, crime & safety, lost & found). 
  • Select whether to receive certain types of messages immediately, at the end of each day, or not at all.

Follow these steps to make sure you only receive important messages and to help reduce the clutter in your inbox.