Glenwood Gatherings Crochet Mats for Refugees

Tracy Hancock and Cindy Bolden

Gatherings are growing each week as increasing numbers of friends and neighbors show up on Wednesdays to process masses of crumpled plastic bags into sleeping mats for refugees. 

Feb 1, 15: 9:00-10:00am at Cupcake Shoppe

Feb 8, 22: 5:30-6:30pm at Stags Head

The neighborhood will work with Hillyer Memorial Church (DOC) to send the mats to a refugee camp in Turkey, where Associate Minister Catherine Campbell developed close ties through her service as a student intern.  This month the UN documented nearly 5 million registered Syrian refugees, with Turkey hosting over 2.7 million.  So the need is great. 

Though our effort – one of many in cities all over the world – started small, it’s already spread to some local schools and churches, and gathered attention from other nearby communities.  Anyone who wants to learn more, can go here to find instructions for cutting plastic bags into strips, connecting them into plarn (plastic yarn) and single crocheting them into 2.5’ x 6’ washable, soft mats that are durable and easily transportable.  Since each mat requires about 800 bags, this project is also removing a significant amount of plastic from local landfills.

Please join us.  Whether you want to sort bags or learn to crochet, there’s a seat at our tables waiting for you as we make this small gesture together that joins us in service to others.