City-Wide Rezoning proposal raises Glenwood South building heights

Background: This rezoning will update the official Raleigh zoning map to reflect the new zoning districts adopted in the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).  Impacting 30% of the City’s jurisdiction (including all of the downtown area), the UDO is a complete rewrite of the existing zoning code that governs land use.

New building heights proposed: The Planning Commission has completed a remapping process designating new building heights for each area of downtown. These standards will allow developers the right to build to the maximum heights proposed without having to ask for specific permission.

What it means for Glenwood South: Not surprisingly, the recommendations for Glenwood South suggest increasing building heights that reflect our downtown mixed use zoning classification, while at the same time indicating a tapering of heights on the north and west edges of the district in keeping with the single story housing adjacent to those boundaries.  Increased heights on the southern and western sections of the neighborhood are seen as necessary for encouraging  higher density office development, which will better support the neighborhood’s daytime oriented businesses by bringing in a daytime influx of office workers.

GS BuildiingHeights
Color-coded map of proposed building heights


  • Yellow – 3 stories maximum (50 feet): These areas border the  neighborhoods of Glenwood-Brooklyn and Cameron Court, and  the area on the west side of Glenwood Avenue between North Street and Willard Place.
  • Orange – 4 stories maximum (62 feet): These lots are along the east side of Glenwood Avenue between Jones and Hillsborough Streets.
  • Brown – 5 stories maximum (75 feet): These include various lots along West Johnson and Tucker Streets, including the lots adjacent to both Glenwood Towers and the Gramercy Apartments.
  • Red – 7 stories maximum (90 feet):
    • Nearly all lots along the east side of Glenwood Avenue north of Jones Street
    • 425 Devon and Gramercy Apartments lots
    • 1-story bungalows now occupied by Cornerstone Tavern, Brooklyn Heights, Tasca Brava, and Carlton Flowers
    • Smaller buildings now occupied by Snoopy’s and Char-Grill along Hillsborough Street.
  • Light Blue – 12 stories maximum (150 feet): These are principally areas east of West Street, plus the senior public housing at Glenwood Towers and Carriage House Apartments.
  • Dark Blue – 20 stories maximum (250 feet): This includes most of the area in the southeast section of the neighborhood, along Hillsborough and Morgan Streets.

Public Hearing scheduled for July 7th: All Glenwood South property owners should have recently received notification (via mailer) from the City of Raleigh  about the upcoming rezoning public hearing scheduled for July 7th.  This is the final opportunity for the public to comment on the citywide rezoning before City Council takes action.

When: Tuesday, July 7th at 7:00pm

Where:  Raleigh Municipal Building, 222 W. Hargett Street