Better signage informs visitors where NOT to park during peak traffic hours

Glenwood South is home to some unusual parking restrictions, which have continued to confuse visitors parking along Glenwood Avenue.  Merchants on the street have long expressed concerns about the effects unexpected tickets have had on customers.

At the request of the GSNC, this new sign has been posted on the 500 block in front of the pay station on the east side of Glenwood Avenue.

This new signage is intended to better warn visitors not to park in this section of the street during weekdays from 4-6pm.


Some Background

To help ease traffic along Glenwood Avenue during commuting hours, the city limits parking between 7-9am for southbound traffic and 4-6pm on northbound traffic between Hillsborough and Peace Street in Glenwood South.

Several years ago the GSNC was successful in getting the city to limit these restrictions to the 500 and 600 blocks, thereby increasing available on-street parking during these hours in support of our local businesses and to reduce traffic speeds.

Diagram of proposed changes to parking restrictions